Get Out of The Payday Loan Trap Now!

Our loans are more flexible,  and our APR interest rate is at least 4 times less than a traditional payday loan!


As an example comparing a traditional payday loan of $300 due in 14 days with a $21 per $100 fee VS our loans: 

 Traditional payday loanA Better Payday Loan
Amount borrowed $300 $300
Fees charged $63 $63
Payment due $363 due 14 days later $90.75 due on each of your next four paydays
Total amount repaid $363 $363
Annual percentage interest rate 547% 128%

 *Our loans have to be repaid within a maximum of 62 days as per the Payday Loans Act, 2008

 Maximum Allowable Cost per $100 borrowed: $21.00 

Our cost per $100 borrowed: $21.00

Example: Your $300 loan for 60 days

Amount advanced: $300

Total cost of borrowing: $63

You repay: $363

This poster is required under the Payday Loans Act, 2008.

SMAP Financial Solutions is a licensed lender in the province of Ontario.

License number: 4731247  Issued on: 2014-04-02; expires: 2015-04-02



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